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    Hi guys, We decided to write this blog to bring about information about the new outbreak in gadgets and software. We don't promise you that, we would be the first to write on that subject, but if we do, that would be the best. Hope you all find this blog interesting.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 at Discount

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To all those who are reading this post, Just wanted to let you know that there is a massive discount on the Samsung galaxy s4 mobile in flipkart. They are offering 24% discount from the original price. Book your S4 today at flipkart via this link. Happy Shopping!!!

Google Nexus 7

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I am back with one more product review which is the new Nexus 7 2013 tab, This tab is second from the Google and has addressed many issues of the first tab. First major change which we would notice in this tab is that it has a two cameras compared to the one in the first edition of the Nexus tab. Though the camera isn't that great. It is a added advantage  and caters to the needs to the people who take pictures on the go. Next Important thing which we can is the picture perfect display. For me it is similar to Apple retina's display. If you are planning to buy one then you can try amazon which is having a good offer for this tab

Casio Eddifice ef500d(ED390)

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Casio edifice eff550 is a perfect watch for some one who loves technology, Besides having a Tachometer which is common among casio watches it has stop watch which could really useful at times needed. It is also water resistant upto 100m. Buy this watch from here